About Me

My objective is to assist you in finding the person you were always meant to be.

My story…

I was born to a teen mother who was addicted to drugs.  There was limited to no food with abuse of every kind from people who were supposed to love me.  As a result, I learned to care for everyone else first and expect to receive little to nothing for myself.

I wanted someone to love me enough to rescue me from that life.  So I got a boyfriend and a pregnancy at the age of fourteen that changed my life but I still did not have the love I was searching for.

Fast forward, to a marriage at nineteen where I was in love with being in love and now mother of two.  I was hoping for that fantasy relationship that I had always dreamed about.  Instead, after two years of marriage my husband became addicted to crack cocaine.  Oddly enough, the same drug that captured my mother’s heart.  I tried to hand in there and support him during treatment but again I drew the short straw.  This went on for over ten years but I had to leave for the sake to my children.

I moved to another state.  Not really interested in a relationship but that is exactly what I got.  It worked out well enough for over ten years then I noticed something wasn’t right.  I wasn’t happy and we weren’t moving in the same direction.

Now I began questioning myself and what I may be doing wrong.  Was I making the right decisions or could I be doing something differently?  Am I being selfish for wanting to be happy?  I feared loneliness because I’m already far from my family.   I was beginning to question my own self worth and love itself.  Was I worth loving?  I just wanted to have that old school type of love from my family and from the man in my life.  I just wasn’t sure how to get it.

The funny thing, I am the person that others perceived as having it together so now I felt like a failure in their eyes too.  I could not tell anyone what I was dealing with because they were used to coming to me for comfort.  So I suffered in silence.

Until I got some help with my mindset.  I believe that is why I have endured the trials in my past.  I am here to help you learn from my experience and even triumph from your own experiences.

Secrets about me……..

I come from a long line of roller skaters.  You know those people that could do those amazing circles, dance, and other tricks on four wheels.  Yep I used to, well……..maybe I could not do all those things but I loved to get out there and learn.  I did enjoy my aunts and uncles out there doing amazing tricks.  I was even told how wonderful my father was on skates.

Second, music can fix almost any mood that I’m in.  I have grown up on old school music. When I am feeling down I can turn on something old and feel the good time in it. You should give it a try.  It can change your life!!

Third, listen closely.  I’m going to whisper this one.  I cry a little during movies that are emotional.  I try to tough it up and act like i’m not but I do.  Shh, don’t tell anyone.  I’m also a  sucker for a good love story.  I really like to see when someone who has had it rough finally finds their happiness.  It makes me smile so big!!

Lastly,  I love love love to read.  I would rather pick up a good book than to sit and watch a movie.  I find that I am very visual so I can see the story in my head as I read.  Share some titles with me and I will check them out.

All these qualities have given me the desire and ability to be Your Coach.  I want to help you get to the other side of your reality and find happiness in all your relationships.

Join me for a  session and see if we are a fit.  I am so excited to hear your story.

With Gratitude,
Ty Wallace
The Relationship Coach


I am truly aware of the discomfort which comes along with difficult relationships and getting help can be a challenge. I provide a personal growth transformation for my clients because of the importance I place on learning your personal needs. I am a positive perspective for your situation with the mission to get you where you want to be in the relationship. I am your safe place to deposit your most vulnerable details. I went into relationship coaching because I understand there is a lack of knowledge when dealing with certain situations and I love helping put a smile on the faces of others. When do you smile more than when you are happy in your relationships? I love to laugh and smile while spreading that to others.



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